About Us

Josephine Yarns was founded in 2014. We are a mother and daughter team equally passionate about the environment and about crafting.

With every trip to the craft store, looking for the perfect yarn for our next project, we discovered how hard it is to find a quality yarn that is also good to the environment. It seemed like all we could find were various blends of synthetic fibers mixed with little bits of cotton (one of the most polluting crops on Earth when not grown organically) or wool mixed in. There were none of the high-quality wools that our grandmothers used to make us socks, sweaters and mittens to keep us warm during the long winters; none of the lightweight natural fibers that would be carefully worked up into pretty blouses and dresses for the summer either.

We love crafting, but we love this world that we live in just as much. The thought of having one of our greatest passions cause harm to our planet didn't sit easy with us. That is how Josephine Yarns - named in honour of our mother/grandmother who instilled and inspired a love for crafting in us both from a very young age - came to be. We want to enjoy crafting on an even deeper level, and we want to know that with every stitch added to our needles and hooks, and every bit of yarn used up, we helped create a better planet....a happy planet. We'd love nothing more than to have you join us on this journey!